Ranking of the Cricket World Cup Winners

The 2015 Cricket World Cup is finished—yet where do the new champions, Australia, rank on the unsurpassed rundown of victors?

Looking at groups from changed periods is never simple (so on account of the editorial manager who gave me this errand). It must be recollected while perusing this is each of the a matter of sentiment.

Australia has lifted the trophy five times since 1975, with India and West Indies triumphing twice and Sri Lanka and Pakistan enlisting one win each.

The ability level of each group has been considered, clearly.

In any case, so has the way in which each side triumphed (for instance, Australia in 1999 was brimming with awesome players, however they additionally required a great deal of fortunes to go their direction, as well).

Have your say on the power rankings—and who might top your rundown—by utilizing the remarks area.

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